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Measure Up Homes offers many value packed services for our customers.  We provide pinpoint accuracy and a level of customer service that is second to none.

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RMS and interior measurements, photography, home maintenance and touch-up's, light renovations, sign frame repair and lock box stands. All of our services are designed to speed up your listing process and solve any deficiencies with a property.

People are raving!


"Knowing that all of our numbers add up before listing a home gives me peace of mind that we are truly providing the best possible service to our clients.  The information given is extremely helpful for my clients."

-Kristen Brown 

Tyler Martineau Real Estate Team

What's on the horizon?


What better way to attract top real estate professional to your firm than to offer them the services of professional measurements, photos without any hassle?  Let's discuss your options!

We are moving along!


Measure Up Homes hit the ground running before we could even print our business cards. We love the support in Southern Alberta and are open to suggestions on how we can help you.



Email use with any questions you may have.