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Our equipment

We use the most up to date Bosch laser equipment. lasers are cool but in some cases a good old tape measure gets the job done. The combination of old and new school measuring equipment gives us the ability to give you an accurate report. 

Mobile Operations

We can do this work anywhere!  We have invested in the latest and greatest technology in order to be more available to our clients.  We work for you!

Recent Legislation

The 2 years before the RMS was introduced there was over 1000 complaints to the Real Estate Council of Alberta in Edmonton alone! It was identified that house sizes had been inflated and buyers weren't getting what they paid for.  In response to the overwhelming concern, they took action.  RECA introduced legislation that aims to stop misrepresentation of spaces in the real estate industry.  here are the key points:

The new measurement standard instructs realtors to: 

■Identify if the measurement system is metric or imperial, and apply it consistently.

 ■For single detached properties, measure the outside surface of the exterior walls at floor level.

 ■For properties with common walls, such as half-duplexes, townhouses, and apartments, measure the interior perimeter walls (paint-to-paint) at floor level. An additional area representation may be made assuming exterior measurements. 

■Include floor levels that are entirely above grade and exclude floor levels if any portion is below grade. Below grade levels may be measured, but the area must not be included in the RMS (residential measurement standard) area.

 ■Include all additions to the main structure and conversions of above grade areas within the structure if they are weatherproof and suitable for year-round use.

 ■The property must have a minimum floor-to-ceiling height of 2.13 metres (7 feet). If the ceiling is sloped, the area with a floor-to-ceiling height of at least 1.52 metres (5 feet) is included in the RMS area, provided there is a ceiling height of 2.13 metres (7 feet) somewhere in the room.


■Include extensions from the main structure that have a minimum floor-to-ceiling height of 1.5 metres (5 feet), such as cantilevers, bay and bow windows, and dormers. 

■Exclude open areas that have no floor, such as vaulted areas. 

We've got your back!

Our service will meet all of the guidelines of the recent legislation, saving you headaches and long hours.  The process is complicated, often times the errors aren't intentional, but ultimately it is the consumer that suffers.  We can eliminate this entire issue and make sure that everyone gets what they want and need, no mistakes allowed!

We Guarantee It!

We guarantee accuracy in our work!  We are trained professionals, certified in what we do, and our pride of workmanship is unrivaled.  We offer a guarantee that means we don't sign off until you are completely happy with the data we provide you.